Neurological Disorders

Structural and biochemical abnormalities in the brain, lifestyle problems like malnutrition, stress and infection are some of the the key reasons that lead to neurological disorders. Based on the nature of the ailment, our treatment programme focuses on reversing the condition or rehabilitation. Prescribing lifestyle modifications and preparing a diet ideal for healing are two important steps in this treatment programme. Physiotherapy is used to improve the mobility and function. Therapies like acupuncture and reflexology stimulate the central nervous system. Personalised Yoga sessions are included to address specific problems and to help the patients develop an exercise regimen to rejuvenate the nervous system.

Anxiety Neurosis, Depression, Parkinsonism, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Bell’s palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetic Neuropathy

21 days

Headaches and Migraine

14 days

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